The Week In Seven Photos

I don’t believe I’ve ever been thought of as the person that wears my heart on my sleeve, but

I’m really beginning to wonder if I’ve been wearing some of my codependency issues on my sleeve lately. ย Somehow I’ve turned into the woman that doesn’t go to the local park to feed the pigeons, but instead is going outdoors first thing in the bitter coldย snowy mornings to feed the turkeys who show up at daybreak.

Walking through the house with my morning coffee, I glance out the window above the Christmas cactus that is still blooming to always see a group of turkeys huddled together staring at the window wondering when breakfast is being served.

They know if they stare long enough I will come outside in any weather conditions and there are a few turkeys that I think conspire to make me believe that they are injured or are developing frostbite so that I’ll bring extra food.

Thankfully there are mornings when I’m gone before they arrive with their guilt trip and

then when I arrive back home I often find a beautiful feather as a reminder that they spent the day waiting for my return.

This may be the last flower photo for a while, with my codependency issues in high gear I may be spending extra money on more birdseed instead of flowers.