The Week In Seven Photos

Between every day life and puppy patrol this week there was little time for photography, other than a photo of my first crocus blooming that was quickly covered by snow and many shots of Harper.

There have been several conversations about when we would add another dog to our family, but my niece helped accelerate the search due to her concern about me stalking dogs at the park, this is the adorable Emma Sue.

It was perfect timing to have Harper arrive on the same day my new Bryce Harper jersey was delivered and

she can now help me cheer the Washington Capitals or Toronto Maple Leafs on to the Stanley Cup Finals. ย A fan of both teams and I would love to see either the Capitalsย win the Cup back-to-back or the Maple Leafs win their first Stanley Cup since 1967.

We are watching Harper’s lively personality develop every day between playtime and thankfully many naps.

There have been a few puppy toys purchased, but so far she prefers to chew on everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) else in the house, including me, my jerseys and camera.

My mother always said never wake a sleeping baby or dog and I’ve taken that advice to heart this week.