Additions To My Library

Enjoyed two of the latest additions to my library, the new novel Chances Are… by a favorite author, Richard Russo, and The Chain by Adrian McKinty, which I can already picture up on the big screen after the movie rights were bought.  Soon to be added to the library is the new coffee table book of a favorite street/fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham: On the Street: Five Decades of Iconic Photography, and on September 24th the latest by Patti Smith, Year of the Monkey.

“Kind of makes you wonder.  If there was such a thing as do-overs, if we all had a bunch of chances at life, would they all be different?”  “Or would they play out exactly the same?”  To Teddy’s way of thinking—and he’d thought about it a lot—this depended on which end of the telescope you were looking through.  The older you got, the more likely you’d be looking through the wrong end, because it stripped away life’s clutter, providing a sharper image, as well as the impression of inevitability.  Character was destiny.

Chances Are… by Richard Russo

4 responses to “Additions To My Library”

  1. Character is indeed destiny! But in my fictional world, Time, Chance, and Nemesis also play a role. 😉

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    1. Loved this quote and it’s always a joy to get lost in fictional worlds with wonderful characters.🙂

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  2. I love the little libraries! I’ve just put titles by Russo and McKinty on hold with the library – bit of a wait time, which is good, ‘cos I’ve got to make a dent in the reading pile!

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    1. Love the little libraries and they always make me smile!🙂 My Want To Read list is getting out of control and Harper, football and my current stack of books are interfering with my photography and kayaking!😁


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