The Week In Seven Photos

The Week In Seven Photos

It was one of those weeks where I was reminded again to not ignore my mother’s wise ways.

Walking through the market and admiring a fall display, I quickly fell under its spell and immediately put the Pumpkin Jack Hard Cider in the cart.  My mother has always questioned the autumn need to add pumpkin to everything, while I keep trying the variety of items, and again my mother’s advice was correct (although, it did improve with each sip).

A few enlightened things that mother and daughter have always agreed upon is the extreme value of enjoying favorite bookstores, desserts and visiting great bakeries

and stores whenever possible.

This little bird was in concussion protocol after flying into the house (she quickly recovered and flew away) and I was reminded again after a lifetime of sports injuries, including concussions, that my astute mother, who never understood how she raised a sports obsessed daughter, was right that I would be feeling the effect of those broken bones and twisted ankles in my older days.

My very wise mother has shared her knowledge over a lifetime and a valuable reminder this week was that it’s fine to spend time reflecting on the past, but

treat each day like a chalkboard and quickly try to erase away yesterdays worries and mistakes as life has a way of giving you more than enough to handle in the new day.

20 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos”

  1. Turns out that mothers do know best – and never more so than when it comes to adding pumpkins to beer (or cider), such a disappointment, especially when the packaging promises so much. The beer store shelves are groaning with suspiciously orange looking delights, but I will not be tempted!
    I hope you have a great weekend, filled with good books, decent sports, and a small glass or two of something unpumpkiny to celebrate/commiserate as sports results come in.

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    • Thank you!😁 While my mother has joined me as a great sports fan over the years, the same cannot be said about sharing my enjoyment of hard cider, with or without pumpkin. I was just telling her about an article in my latest Northern Michigan magazine that included 31 ciders to try that included one called The Ghost described as exquisite semi-sweet heat crafted with ghost pepper, habanero, Carolina reaper, smoked cayenne and Scotch bonnet peppers. I got another one of those looks that said maybe your siblings were right and they sent me home with the wrong baby, while I always remind her she encouraged curiosity.😁 I’ll be celebrating a big sports day with my pumpkin cider tomorrow (unless I find a bottle of The Ghost at the market) and I’m sure that I’ll think it tastes great if my teams are winning.😁 Enjoy the weekend and a pumpkin beer or two!😁


    • Thank you and it’s always a relief to see the birds recover and fly away.🙂 My mother still amazes me every day with her wise and wonderful ways and after all those years of comments about me playing sports, I smile every time she asks what games are we watching this weekend as she has joined me as a great sports fan over the years.🙂


  2. Glad the little bird recovered. I wish I still had a mother to dish out wiseness. She used to have plenty to spare and for all my unwise decisions when out and about, something must have stuck. I found myself sounding like her when I was talking to my own daughter. I hope I have passed on some of my own wisdom now I’m a granny.

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    • It’s amazing what we learn (and often relearn) from our mother’s wise advice and how often I think, of course, she was right about that too. They always remain in our hearts and minds and your girls are very lucky to have you sharing the combined wisdom of you and your mother.🙂

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