Happy World Introvert Day!




12 responses to “Happy World Introvert Day!”

  1. Hehe! I guess that make me a social vegan too. πŸ˜‚

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    1. Love this interpretation of a social vegan!!😁

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  2. Although my classically introverted daughter doesn’t see it, I, too, am in introvert. I might be a friendly introvert but being around people too much leaves me in a frazzled state. I need LOTS of alone time. Perfect for being a writer.

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    1. I love my alone time and crazy diet, but I had to laugh on this rare occasion to call myself a social vegan!😁


    1. Can’t believe I’m beginning the new decade as an optimistic social vegan!😁


  3. Never thought of myself as a vegan but this quote seems true. Have a family wedding to attend in March and all I will want to do is become that squirrel and hop out of there.

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    1. Is it to late to become a very, very strict vegan and avoid all meets?😁

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      1. Hmm possibly.😁

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