The Week In Seven Photos

I’ve had to think often about the great Jimmy Buffett lyrics “if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane” this week.  So, on a lighter note during these frightening times, my husband and I have been retired together for many years and one of the main ingredients to spending so much time together is that my very extrovert baby boomer husband and I have always had separate interests to break up all the togetherness.  Between all this togetherness and no sports this week, somehow we may not be appreciating the humor of one another.  He recently commented that he’s more concerned about falling ill from my very non-nutritious food choices now that I’m in charge of the grocery shopping and I let him know that it’s ok by me if he wants to spend more time talking to his shadow while we’re out walking in our six foot bubble.

Well, let’s just say that trapping an extreme extrovert that loves his freedom and socializing in my quiet little corner of the world all day has already been noticed.  The addition to the house would already be under construction if the stock market hadn’t tanked.

Interestingly, he raised Gabby alone the first years of her life while I was still working and she was also a very talkative extrovert, while poor little Harper is being raised by me and is very quiet and loving the six foot social distancing.

Like I predicted, the parks are already packed with walkers, bikers and joggers (this photo was taken on a very cold day just before everything closed down) and

pretty soon we’re going to need turnstiles on the docks to make sure there are only ten people enjoying the sparkles on the water.

There is plenty of extra time to enjoy the birds and the bees and I’ve already seen reports for the younger generations about a baby boom in December, which could mean that our already scary world could be even scarier with a large surplus of Sagittarius babies (just a little horoscope humor).

Hopefully you found one or two things to laugh about this week and were able to enjoy the outdoors for a few moments.