Who’s In Your Bubble???

Self-Isolation Trend #9

As countries slowly begin the transition of easing the shutdown restrictions, a new trend being considered in the early days of being let out of our homes is to only expand our “social bubble” to ten people.  As someone who has many bubble photos with the possible captions of “No issues today: I’m in my awesome bubble and you’re not allowed inside” or “I’m living in a drama free bubble today.  Respect the bubble people, RESPECT IT!”, I really wish that they had floated this trend idea before the stay-at-home order.  I definitely believe these last few month may have complicated my thinking process concerning the creation of my “social bubble.”  Will the person respect the social bubble rules?  Does the person own a restaurant, bar or bakery where they can bring home breakfast and dinner?  Will inviting one person automatically include another that I might not get a vote on?  Can I require a questionnaire regarding their sense of humor and political beliefs before inclusion in the bubble?  Is it possible to invite fictional characters into my “social bubble” instead of an actual person, because I’ve spent many fabulous evenings with some of my favorite characters?  Let’s just say that this is going to require some serious thinking for a few weeks after the stay-at-home order is lifted and so far all I know for sure is that Harper and her favorite bunny toy are in the bubble .