The Week In Seven Photos – 50 Word Story

A new introvert coffee mug is needed

as I’ve paddled so far away from society

that the birds believe I’m an extrovert who never leaves early.

The path back to society is fading

as its stripped bare of old enjoyments.

Although, I’d social distance

and rejoin for a food truck.

19 responses to “The Week In Seven Photos – 50 Word Story”

  1. Photo of the bird and the next one are so amazing

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  2. Ah I love this! Resonates so well with me too. 😀

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    1. Thank you very much and wish we could have a cuppa and share a few more thoughts!😁

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      1. That would be awesome! 😀 I’d even bring doggie treats for Harper! 😀

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  3. Very well put! And who could resist the siren call of a food truck?

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I tried to adjust to grocery shopping, but at this point I’m boycotting the grocery list and chasing food trucks after having the best bbq pulled pork nachos.😁

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      1. Now that is what I call a brilliant solution!

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  4. Ok, I’ll be tracking down one of those mugs! After another dreadful week trying to not listen to the orange tinted toddler tyrant spewing his vitriol, I can fully understand wanting to keep on paddling away. And then wanting to come paddling back if there’s a decent food truck, perhaps parked outside a microbrewery?
    Have a good weekend!

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    1. I usually believe the kayak should stay by the water until the first snowflakes, but I now believe I’ll be kayaking until the ice forms after a week of driving around in search of food trucks as Trump signs continue to multiply in our area at the same time that the media and historians are sounding the alarm about the threat to our democracy. I don’t know how much more I can take, but my mother and Harper have already told me that no matter how much I talk about escaping after my Ewan McGregor around the world binge-watching that I’m only allowed to paddle or ride my bicycle around the lake. Enjoy the weekend and thanks for the idea, I found a few brewpubs with food trucks on the weekends!😁


  5. A blast of stark reality. Are all us introverts paddling further out? I know society is still scaring the hell out of me. I spotted a rural burger van last week while on a long, solitary walk. I bought coffee and a flapjack and quietly consumed them while sitting on a stile and away from the only two people there-and they were the folk who’s van it was.

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    1. My introvert lifestyle has gone to a new level I never imagined possible and I’m beginning to think there is no going back. I went for a bike ride over the weekend and just that brief second where I passed another person felt too crowded. Now I know even more than before that I really wish I could go on some of your amazing walks if you have food trucks roaming around!!🙂

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  6. Splendid! Did you take these photos yourself? From one coffee drinking introvert to another, thank you.

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    1. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed my photos!🙂


      1. You’re most welcome!

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