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Month / January 2015

David Tennant – Binge-Worthy TV

It is an unusual occasion when an actor is recommended to you by others playing the same character in two different television shows, but I recently had the television shows Broadchurch and Gracepoint recommended very highly.  After enjoying other shows that had their origins in other countries, most recently Homeland which is based on an Israeli […]

Waiting for Opening Day

Now that the football season is over (still no plans of watching the Super Bowl with those two teams playing), it is time to enjoy Winter Festivals, the Chicago Blackhawks, and wait for NCAA March Madness and Opening Day.  Great news last week with the Washington Nationals signing the Detroit Tiger pitcher, Max Scherzer who […]

Musings of the Week

  I always look forward to watching the Golden Globes and usually prefer that award show over the Oscars.  This year they televised the Golden Globes after my two favorite football players, Peyton Manning and Tony Romo, were knocked out of the playoffs.  I thought I handled the losses better than last year and then […]

Big Ten Team Wins National Championship

  It was great to see Ohio State University, a Big Ten team, win the inaugural College Football National Championship last night against Oregon 42-20.  There were great performances by Cardale Jones, Ezekiel Elliott, and the Ohio State defense. It was disappointing to see Oregon wearing the white and gray uniforms instead of their great […]

AFC & NFC Championships Stress-Free

It only took until January 11 for my New Year’s Resolution dream of a Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl to be destroyed (strong word, but accurate). Yes, we are heartbroken, we don’t want to talk about it and we can’t watch our favorite sports shows, Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption, for […]

NFL Divisional Playoff Stress

It is going to be another one of those stressful football days in our house today.  I overheard mom talking to Grandma today wondering how she was going to make it through back-to-back games of her favorite two players.  It was bad enough last Sunday when she almost lost her mind watching how bad the […]

Taken 3 Movie Review

Amazingly it has been over a month since going to the movie theater and the first movie outing of the year had a good start with Taken 3.  I have been a Liam Neeson fan since the 1990s after watching him in the film Michael Collins and have enjoyed his transformation into an action star […]

Sunday Morning Bookstore Memory

Life is filled with events and situations that create perfect memories that if you are lucky enough you have the opportunity to experience more than once. Some of the memories created may be very simple ones like a meal at your favorite restaurant that is perfect every visit, revisiting your special vacation spot every year, […]