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Month / June 2015

While We’re Young Movie Review

Full Disclosure:  The following review is written by a member of Generation X and may contain snarky, cynical comments. While We’re Young tells the story of a middle-aged Generation X married couple, Josh (Ben Stiller) and Cornelia (Naomi Watts), experiencing mid-life boredom with their friends with children, their careers and relationship and the friendship and […]

Max Scherzer Throws a No-Hitter and Bryce Harper Blasts His 23rd Home Run

(Photos by A Curious Introvert/Videos from from and Thank god for!!!  Watched the amazing Max Scherzer throw a no-hitter against the Pittsburgh Pirates today as the Washington Nationals won 6-0 (the Cincinnati jinx is officially over). ( video of Scherzer’s no-hitter celebration) It is extremely rare that you can report a […]

Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals Highlights

(Photos by A Curious Introvert/Videos and Stats from In between watching the Chicago Blackhaws win the Stanley Cup and the Golden State Warriors capture the NBA Championship, I have been watching Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals and hoping the Cincinnati jinx would fade away (please see earlier blog about the jinx).  Since our […]

Gabby’s Favorite Puzzle

Recently when my mom was off watching Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals play the Cincinnati Reds, I stayed with my favorite babysitters (I was an angel, like always when my mom is not around) and watched as they did this wonderful 700 piece panoramic jigsaw puzzle of adorable dogs.  I was a little surprised […]

Baseball Paradise at the Great American Ball Park

(Photos by A Curious Introvert) There is a saying about finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and after a weekend trip to Cincinnati to watch Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals play the Cincinnati Reds at the Great American Ball Park, there should be a saying about finding baseball paradise […]