A Day Of Memories

It was a day of sharing memories and creating memories as my niece and I went to the University of Michigan stadium to watch Manchester United play Liverpool FC in the International Champions Cup.

Back in the 90s, trips to Ann Arbor to watch the University of Michigan football team were a yearly event and we laughed that we have returned years later to watch European football.

 I was now dressed in my Manchester United game gear instead of the years spent wearing Michigan football jerseys on game day.

We visited one of our favorite places from the old days prior to the match for a malt and pizza.  My chocolate chip malt was as wonderful as I remembered, but when I asked my niece if she was enjoying hers as much as me, she let me know her taste buds have evolved since the ’90s.  There was great music from the ’80s and ’90s playing in the background, but from the look on my niece’s face, I think her musical tastes have evolved since the ’90s too.

Thankfully I was dressed in game gear so we did not have to have a discussion about the fact that some of my fashion choices, along with food and music, have not evolved.

In front of a crowd of 101,000, Liverpool FC defeated Manchester United 4-1 in an exciting match for the Liverpool fans that ended with a spectacular bicycle kick strike for the final Liverpool FC goal.

I was not sure what to expect attending my first soccer match, but we were both amazed at the wonderful crowd chanting for their teams wearing fabulous jerseys, scarves and flags.

I have to admit that between all the goals and the wonderful opening Liverpool FC video that left the crowd singing You’ll Never Walk Alone, I wish I had bought a Liverpool FC scarf along with the Manchester United scarf my niece bought for me.

10 responses to “A Day Of Memories”

  1. Laurie Graves Avatar
    Laurie Graves

    Sounds like a wonderful day. And some things deserve to be classics—that malt sounds delicious, and the nineties were a golden time for rock ‘n roll.

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    1. It was a great day and I’m still thinking about the malt!😁 She always laughs over my music selections, even though she knows all the songs, and I have no idea what is playing when she chooses the music.😁

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  2. What a great day out! And what an attendance figure for the game. Seemed a good game, lots of goals and the spectacular strike from Liverpool. I enjoyed the result (!) and the moaning from Jose Mourinho after. I get the impression he doesn’t think MU are going to win the Premiership title…
    Wearing football gear takes care of fashion mistakes – it’s hard to look good in that gear – except for Gabby at the end!

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    1. We had a fantastic time and we both became Liverpool fans by the end of the match. Michigan football games and crowds have always been great and it was wonderful to see that we have just as many die-hard soccer fans. Fabulous jerseys and scarves everywhere and the chants were heard at the tailgate parties and throughout the game. I have to do a little research about the Premier League teams by August 10th so I’ll be prepared to be cheering for the right teams when the new season begins. Gabby may end up with several scarves before the season is over.😁


  3. Having been born in Manchester I would have to support that team! 😀 But it sounds like a great day out. 🙂 When the fans do not resort to violence the sense of comradeship must be awesome. 🙂

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    1. We absolutely enjoyed our first Manchester United match and I was amazed to see all the dedicated fans. I wasn’t sure if my World Cup excitement was going to carry over to my first match, but by the time the opening videos were done, the crowd was singing and the players were on the field, I felt like I officially became a soccer fan.🙂

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      1. haha Awesome! 😀

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  4. Wow what a fab occasion! As a lifelong Man Utd fan first (Huddersfield Town fan 2nd) and Liverpool fan not at all I think the photo of Gabby in the correct stuff is awesome 🙂 We checked the result once the match had finished and were somewhat dismayed, but Utd had a lot of their more junior players in. That’s not an excuse though, they haven’t done well in pre-season, and need to buy. Glad you enjoyed the day, and all the memories.

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    1. Thank you!🙂 I loved my first soccer match and I’m excited about the beginning of the Premier League this week. I have a few matches set to record and am hoping to learn more about the teams with the preview show. I’m starting the season as a Manchester United and Tottenham (Harry Kane) fan and definitely need to add a few more game gear items to my collection.😁

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