Two Views Of The 2018 Woodward Dream Cruise

“Did you see that Tri Power Pontiac?”  Nope, can you believe I saw Elvis!!!

“Did you see that Trans Am?”  Nope, did you see the Back To The Future car?

“Did you see that amazing GTO?”  Nope, did you see the Ice Cream Man?

“Don’t tell me you missed seeing that unbelievable Firebird?”  I must have missed it while I was photographing my favorite Woodward Dream Cruise classic car.

“Please don’t tell me you missed seeing that fabulous Pontiac Coupe photographing more Jeeps!”  I won’t tell you because It’s A Jeep Thing You Wouldn’t Understand!!”

“Did you see that beautiful Bonneville?”  Nope, did you see that adorable poodle?

“Did you see that GTO?”  Yes, we definitely saw the GTO.