Weekend Watching

Where did the time go this weekend.

The outdoor tables were empty, but the sidewalks were busy with walkers and dogs

watching clouds,

enjoying the fall colors,

and then running indoors when the hail began bouncing off the ground.

The latest cold front had everyone searching for their hats and scarves.  Unfortunately, I left my hat, scarf and gloves at home while out walking, but luckily I was celebrating that I was freezing instead of hot.

It was an exciting sports weekend watching a near brawl at the end of the tie game between Manchester United and Chelsea.  I was also about ready for a brawl after that closing seconds tie, but Gabby quickly ran from the room when she heard my reaction.

We watched the Los Angeles Dodgers join the Boston Red Sox in the World Series and great wins by Purdue over Ohio State and Michigan over Michigan State. The loss by Ohio State could mean that Michigan is joining Notre Dame in the College Football playoff if the wins continue.

We were hoping we would be watching a celebration toast of our winning numbers being drawn in the billion dollar lottery jackpot,

but the celebration quickly went sideways.

After all the weekend fantasy window shopping, it left one in the need of a larger wine glass.