The Week In Seven Photos

In the film Tea With The Dames the question of what advice would you give to your younger self was posed to Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Joan Plowright and Eileen Atkins and I loved their responses.  I never have a profound response to those life questions, but after a day of hanging out with the skeletons, I had a little advice for my younger self.  First, you will always love backpacks and vests and sometimes the right one is difficult to find, so buy ’em when you see ’em and always make sure you have a variety of hats for the bad hair days.

Sundays will always be football Sundays during the fall, but you should make it a brunch and mimosa football Sunday at a younger age.

You will wish you purchased your first soft top Jeep before your forties, so make sure your first car is a Jeep and that the top is off as often as possible.

There is no need to hang on to the mini-skirts after that phase, but you’re not going to believe how long the skinny jeans fashion trend will last and how difficult it will be to find a great pair of blue jeans, so make sure you keep all your favorite jeans over the years (especially the ones with holes, you begin to love that fashion statement).

You’ll always love music and still wish into your fifties that you had taken guitar lessons or dated a musician along the way.  So definitely sign up for those guitar lessons, unless you meet a musician that looks like the ’80s Bon Jovi, then forget the guitar lessons and date the musician.

Society and life will change greatly through the decades and I wish I had some profound advice, but there are some things like selfies, technology and marriage that will just leave you speechless some days and that you just have to experience.

Worry less, laugh more and always remember that cake, love and gratitude can help you through the most difficult times.