Rivalry Saturday

One of my favorite sporting days has arrived as Rivalry Saturday is upon us as the regular college football season winds down before the championship and bowl games.  These are some of my top games on a day with more than a win on the line.

Michigan vs. Ohio State – 12:00 pm

Clemson vs. South Carolina – 12:00 pm

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech – 12:00 pm

Alabama vs. Auburn – 3:30 pm

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota – 3:30 pm

Notre Dame vs. Stanford – 4:00 pm

Oregon vs. Oregon St. – 4:00 pm

Texas A&M vs. LSU – 7:00 pm

Colorado vs. Utah – 7:30 pm

Florida vs. Florida State – 7:30 pm

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma St. – 8:00 pm